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Convertible Communications Consulting was launched to help small businesses, non-profits, and faith-based organizations deploy effective digital marketing and communications strategies. We work first to define the goals, develop a comprehensive plan and execute digital campaigns to achieve success. Services offered include marketing consulting, strategy development, set-up and management of social media tools, email marketing, and training/coaching on social media best practices.

About Andra Dunn

Andra Dunn, has long held a passion for utilizing technology to drive marketing and communications efforts. In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, Andra has spent the past fifteen years refining her industry knowledge and applying her expertise in helping small businesses and non-profits tell their stories and effectively engage their audiences. With her comprehensive understanding of what works best for reaching the intended market, Andra is committed to making sure her clients have a thorough understanding of the process. She is equally instrumental in working alongside each client so that they acquire the knowledge to independently manage their electronic and social media platforms.

Andra Dunn successfully launched Convertible Communications Consulting in 2012. Her prior experience leading to the introduction of Convertible Communications Consulting includes: graphic design, public relations, event coordination, website design and development, email marketing and social media strategies.

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Andra Dunn