Convertible Coaching Program

DIY Convertible Consulting Package

Get 5 hours of support with this DIY consulting package. We’ll pack two in-person training sessions (1.5 hours each) to help you manage your own online marketing efforts.

Two hours of off-site support will allow us to handle more technical assistance so you can better manage the less-technical applications. We’ll also be available to answer questions via phone/text/email if you get stuck.

Topics covered include: WordPress, various social media channels, marketing strategy, personal branding, email marketing, blogging, and more.

How it works: When you purchase the package will you get to block out two appointments, each for 90 minutes. During these two sessions we’ll provide training on the topics of your choice.

The cost: $350

Other benefits: You have 2 hours of off-site support. This can be used for us to manage more technical issues you would like to have addressed and can include anything from graphic design of images, website customization, WordPress updates and backups, email marketing template, etc.

You can also use this time for tech support via phone/text/email if you get stuck while you’re working after we’ve completed training.

DIY Marketing Coaching Package

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After you purchase this package you can schedule one or both appointments using our scheduling tool. We will contact you prior to your first appointment to get more specific details about the topics you want to cover in your training.